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Support the Launch of Boise Urban Magazine’s Treasure Valley Startup Special Issue

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We’re launching our first special issue, and we need your support to make it a success!

Since Boise Urban Magazine began publishing in October of 2014, we’ve been excited to be a part of the Boise startup scene by featuring a different local startup in each of our issues, and by being a startup ourselves.

In the few short months as a part of, and learning about the Boise startup scene, we’ve become entranced.

The Treasure Valley is booming and the startup scene is vibrant. Entrepreneurs young, old, new to the game and with years of experience are coming together to create a culture that is drawing national attention. Innovation and creativity are sparking new ideas in everything from technology to the arts.

For our first special issue we thought, what better theme than the local startup scene? Our startup special issue, launching May 18, will feature everything startup in the Treasure Valley.

We’re sitting down with some of the top players in startups to bring budding entrepreneurs expert advice.

We’re meeting with angel investors and venture capitalists to learn about the ins-and-outs of funding your startup. Local business owners who have succeeded, and failed, at crowd funding are sharing their advice on running a campaign.

We’ll be bringing you spotlights on some of the newest, smallest, largest, most mainstream and absolutely obscure startup businesses in the Treasure Valley.

Anything you’ve been interested in knowing about our local startup community will be in this issue, and you don’t want to miss it.

You can help make bring our startup issue to life

Want to make this issue even more spectacular? We could use your support. Our IndieGoGo campaign will launch on Monday, March 23 and will help fund the launch of our startup special issue.

Boise Urban Magazine is offering some spectacular deals on advertising and subscriptions through our IndieGoGo campaign including $25 advertising deals, a place in our startup business listing for only $10, and issues for just $2.

Visit our IndieGoGo campaign here Click Here

Here’s a sneak peek of all of our perks:

$1- Page Mention:

Thank you for supporting Boise Urban Magazine. We’ll add your name to a page dedicated to those who donated money to our special issue. This page will be featured in our startup issue. Also, you will receive Boise Urban Magazine stickers.

$2- Free Special Issue:

Thanks for your support. You’ll get our special issue for free! Download the Boise Urban Magazine app and leave the rest to us. The special issue covers the Treasure Valley startup community. It will feature companies and their stories of success, or failure, tips from the local entrepreneurial pros, and everything else you need to know about the local startup scene.

$10- One Year Subscription + Page Mention and Stickers:

Enjoy a subscription to Boise Urban Magazine for an entire year. New issues will be available to download directly to your mobile device.

$10- Your Business in our Startup Business Listing:

Are you a startup or business that helps local startups? With your donation of $10 your business name, contact information and a link to your website will be featured on our Startup Business Listing page. This page will run in our Treasure Valley startup issue and will be available to be viewed for free by anyone who downloads our app, for free.

$25- We Design You an Ad:

We’ll design a full page static ad just for you that will run in our special startup issue.

$50- Interactive Ad:

With your generous donation we will create an interactive ad to run in our special startup issue just for you. Our interactive, full page ads can incorporate anything from audio and photos, to interactive graphics and videos promoting your business or cause. Sit down with our talented design team to create a one of a kind ad.

$100- E-commerce Ad

Thank you for your donation! You will get an E-commerce ad in our special startup issue. Readers will be able to buy your product directly from our issue. Also, you will receive a social media shout out from Boise Urban Magazine!

$400- Boise Urban Sponsorship:

Thank you for supporting Boise Urban Magazine and our special startup issue! With a sponsorship, we will design you an interactive ad to run for an entire year, your logo will be on our website for a year and we will shout out to our social media following about your business and support.

Please share our campaign with your network, and support the launch of this special, Treasure Valley startup issue!


Visit our IndieGoGo campaign here Click Here

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