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Analyze That: Advertising with Boise Urban Magazine 101

Have you ever paid to put an advertisement in a print magazine or in any other medium and wondered, “Was that really a worthwhile investment?”

I’m sure that happens more often than not, and for good reason. When you pay to advertise, it’s difficult to determine whether the ad itself or a number of other factors led to higher brand awareness.

The fact of the matter is that there are simply too many other potential causes that could have played a role in bringing in more customers. Businesses can’t always be certain whether ads are a worthy investment because there isn’t much feedback provided by advertisements.

Internet banner ads and other similar mediums provide statistical feedback like click through rates, but offer low consumer engagement.

So how do you gain a potential customer’s attention and keep it for more than a split second? That seems to be the million-dollar question. It’s one that marketers have been trying to answer for decades.

Innovative advertising with Boise Urban Magazine

Boise Urban Magazine offers an innovative approach to advertising involving direct interaction with the end consumer that can’t be found anywhere else in the Treasure Valley.

Boise Urban Magazine’s digital platform incorporates interactive graphics, video and photo elements to engage the consumer in a way that goes beyond simply viewing traditional static advertising.

It’s a modern way to get consumers to engage with your ads longer (12 times longer than traditional static ads, as a matter of fact), as well as provide your business with valuable, statistical feedback.

Prior to beginning my internship for Boise Urban Magazine, I had never seen interactive ads, but once I saw the capabilities I instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of this business. Before I continue going on and on about my own personal fascination with Boise Urban Magazine’s advertising techniques, allow me tell you a thing or two about how we can help your business, and I’m sure you will agree it is a much more worthy investment than your traditional means of advertising.

availableonThe benefits of advertising with Boise Urban Magazine

Let me start by providing you with a short background on Boise Urban Magazine and how we can help your business increase its brand awareness in the Treasure Valley.

Our target market includes both men and women between the ages of 21 and 45 in the Treasure Valley. Our app is available on iOS, Android and Kindle operating systems, making it accessible to over 1,500 different mobile devices. With over 14.6k content views, you can be sure your company will be seen by running an ad in an issue of our magazine.

Ads can also be run in specific sections that are relevant to your product or service. For example, if you own a local winery your ad could be viewed in our cooking section.

Additionally, we have the ability to see statistical and analytical information on each and every ad, so you know exactly how many people viewed your ad, how much time they spent interacting with it, and what specific elements they interacted with.

Three tiers of advertising with Boise Urban Magazine

There are three main types of ads that we can run for your business: static, interactive and e-commerce shop. For a basic, full-page static ad, we can design it for you ($99.99) or simply take your preexisting ad and place it in a relevant section of the magazine ($49.99).

Our interactive ads ($150+) allow for nearly endless possibilities including anything from a link embedded in the ad, to incorporating a video, audio, or animation to showcase your product or business, or even a/b scenarios to help you gain consumer feedback. These elements drive engagement to your call to action.

Lastly, our e-commerce design (my personal favorite) lets you sell your products, tickets or services directly within the ad.

The great thing about having us design an ad for you is that once our in-house designers create it, and after it runs with us, the ad is yours to keep and use at your own free will.

Higher engagement and results with interactive advertising

Greater views

To assure you that we aren’t just blowing smoke when we say that interactive ads facilitate longer observation times and more customer engagement, I present to you an experiment by Alex Wang, Ph.D. of University of Connecticut, whose research focuses on integrated marketing communications and information processing psychology.

In his experiment, Wang had participants read two versions of an article in the May issue of WIRED magazine. One version was print format with static ads and the other was on an iPad with interactive ads.

According to the experiment outcome,

“The results based on testing the specific advertisement also show that the interactive ad tends to generate stronger engagement, message involvement, attitude toward the ad, and purchase intention than the static advertisement.”

The iPad users also perceived stronger interactivity than the other participants, and Wang concluded that higher ad interactivity could generate higher brand awareness.

So do yourself a favor and promote your business in a more cost efficient, innovative and result-driven manner by scrapping your traditional advertising techniques and advertising through Boise Urban Magazine.


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