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“BUM life” is a weekly blog following the everyday tasks and experiences of Boise Urban Magazine marketing, photo and journalism interns. Aspects of marketing, photography and journalism are highlighted each week to demonstrate the learning process and growth of being an intern in today’s market. This week’s BumLife blog is brought to you by marketing inter, Cassie Michaud.

This marks “Week 5” for me at Boise Urban and I am starting to feel like I am getting the hang of things around the office.

I have a weekly routine with different tasks ranging from social media management to attracting media consumers.

The most fulfilling part about my internship is that although I am refining my marketing and public relation skills through communication with potential clients or media outreach, I am also learning something new each day.

I feel like I am improving not only within my internship position, but also within my chosen career path. Whether it is mastering analytic reviews or learning how to use multiple media management platforms effectively (HootSuite, Trello, WordPress, etc.). I am really growing here.

Boy, the time sure has flown by!

The staff has welcomed a new baby, enhanced past social media strategies, restructured our marketing department, all while preparing to publish our June issue (June 29th is the big day!). I cannot wait to see the end product after witnessing all of the hard work and time that is put into each individual issue.

I am thrilled about what I have experienced here so far, and look forward to what is to come.

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