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Pulling Out All of the Stops and Making them Count

Building Your Brand

As with other well-functioning businesses, Boise Urban takes their marketing very seriously. No matter what stages a company is in, they should always be consistent with the image they are putting out to the world. The millennial generation can put in the work to look good through an innumerable amount of different media platforms while collecting strategic feedback based on consumer interaction.

As a newer magazine we focus on competitive, strategic data we receive based on the material we have published for our readers to enjoy. Whether it is a social media post promoting engagement with our audience, or implementing BUM’s first photo giveaway contest, both are equally important.

Pulling Out All of the Stops and Making them Count

Anything said on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and yes even Snapchat on behalf of an organization requires consistency all around. These could be things like using the same voice and making posts look relatable (building an image). It is all about representing something outside of your self image and supporting something you believe or agree in. As a marketing intern it is probably quite obvious as to why I think it is crucial to “save face.”

Maintaining the Rep

Being knowledgeable of your demographics is the key to targeting your model consumer. By knowing who is digesting your works of art you will be able to determine a strategic outreach plan through social media engagement. Being on proper media platforms that coincide along your readers, buyers, etc. will optimize your interaction opportunities which are a great way to show some low-key customer service as well as build your business.

Analyzing Analytics, say that ten times fast.

My time here is slowly, but surely helping me grow into a critical numbers and ratings analyst, which is super useful by the way! Here’s why: Through different platforms, companies can use bounce rates, page sessions, click rates etc. to analyze and perfect that strategic marketing plan. At Boise Urban we use Google Analytics and general Facebook insights to determine a weekly comparison and list improvements we could make for the upcoming week. Again, kinda cool stuff.

Because looking good feels good.

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