Boise Urban Magazine Mission Statement

Boise Urban Magazine’s mission is to better Boise through an interactive journalism experience.



Company Bio

Headquartered in Boise, ID, Boise Urban Magazine aims to build on the Treasure Valley’s existing news, entertainment and information structure. We provide our audience with a multi-media magazine, allowing for a fully interactive experience. Through long-form journalism and innovative visual elements, Boise Urban Magazine will foster a more informed community.


Boise Urban Magazine is a digital news magazine crafted for the Treasure Valley.

We are Boise Urban Magazine and we are changing the way you read the news.

We aim to foster a more informed community by providing long-form, interactive journalism as opposed to traditional fragmented articles. By focusing on the “why” of the story and providing insight, we will give our readers a full and accurate representation of issues covered.

Not only is our content written in the most fair and balanced way possible, but it is presented in a way that changes the consumer experience. We have an innovative approach to reporting the news and this is what gives us our unique advantage.

We are choosing to stray away from print media and Boise Urban Magazine can be accessed solely through your Newsstand on Android, iOS Kindle devices. Our digital product is fully interactive, combining audio, video, photo and clickable graphic elements.

We provide a digital magazine that currently publishes quarterly and can be accessed via the App Store. Issues are available for purchase either by issue or through subscription. Sections of the magazine include:  News, Sports, Finance, Health & Wellness, Arts &Entertainment, Startup, Small Business and Causes.

We are a group of talented individuals who are passionate about changing the current state of the news industry. We are very active members of the community and we understand what people of the Treasure Valley need and want when it comes to news. They need Boise Urban Magazine.